Winner: The Boing Boing Team Fortress 2 Weekend's Awesomest Player

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You came, you saw, you conquered. You backstabbed engineers, uber-ed pyros, farmed medic achievements and beat mesomorphic Austrians clean to death with baseball bats... all while the Boing Boing puppet masters clapped their hands in fey delight at the gladiatorial orgy they had Nero-like decreed. And now we're ready to declare our awesomest player for last weekend's Boing Boing Team Fortress 2, with the adjective "awesomest" decided entirely by Happy Mutant whim. This player will receive a Neuros OSD video storage device. And by consensus, our winner is... Bunnystew. At over 10 hours logged into our server, Bunnystew was this weekend's most committed Boing Boing Team Fortress 2 player, by far. Congrats, Bunnystew! Drop brownlee at boing boing dot net an email to receive your prize. For the rest of you guys, don't fear: we've got the server for a little while, and we'll schedule matches every weekend until we give it up. Thanks for playing, guys! See you this weekend.
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3 Responses to Winner: The Boing Boing Team Fortress 2 Weekend's Awesomest Player

  1. Hunty says:

    Do I get an honorable mention for using both the nicknames “Unicorn Chaser” and “2Medics1Heavy” at varying points throughout the weekend, and also using a spray with Cory’s face on it? :)

  2. certron says:

    Bah, if only I had backed up and deleted those files and installed sooner, I could have been a contender. The prize is totally sweet, too. If anyone happens on later, I might just be on. Haven’t played anything online since about Quake 3, though, so I might be a little rusty.

  3. Spike Curtis says:

    So, uh, can we get a who’s-who from the Happy Mutants so we know who you are ingame? I’m Snagglebert Fistolbars.

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