Video: Week in the Woods

Week before last I attempted to work from the woods for a few days powered only by the sun and pluck. It sort of worked out. Here is the video proof.
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5 Responses to Video: Week in the Woods

  1. mark says:

    Anyone else only seeing the intial f-you followed by the boingboingtv splash and then a menu?

  2. cayton says:

    I realize this is late, but I just got a chance to watch this. Joel, I think your videos are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Really funny stuff.

  3. markmarkmark says:

    In a few days I’m taking a train to Gods country to tree plant for about two months.
    This’ll be my second year, and I was pretty suprised at the amount of technology in the camps.
    Ipods were an obvious thing, as working 10 hours days is boring, but made better if you’ve swapped music with weird hippies and can listen to Allan Watts recordigns about mantras whilst traipsing through the woods.
    Laptops were uncommon, but occasional.

    It’s fascinating how in what is one of the most human industries with very little room for mechanization or comfortable lodgings is still a place where the human lust for shiney electronic devices still grips the psyche – even if a pair of headphones can literally be melted by the strength of the bug repellent we were using.

  4. RussNelson says:

    It’s a “leanto”, not a “shelter” although of course it *is* shelter, just not *a* shelter. And those were probably blackflies, which are the bane of everybody’s existance this time of year (one just landed on my monitor. Good timing, bug, squish). Consistently higher temperatures later in the spring will kill them off.

  5. RussNelson says:

    Oh, and I like the black socks. They speak to the geek in me.

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