Breville iKon BKT500 toaster also burns coffee

I don't quite understand my particular fascination with toasters — I rarely eat toast — especially since I'm comfortably of the school that specialized gadgets have no place in a proper kitchen. Still I haul my Back-to-Basics toaster from under the counter from time to time, hoping the collected dust and hairballs on the unused egg poaching tray won't make their way into my bagel, trying desperately to forget that brief three-day honeymoon when I scarfed down Egg McMuffin clones. So let's ignore that the Breville iKon toaster has a built-in coffee kettle (a percolator, I believe) and instead focus on the welcome addition of its "A Bit More" button which pulls your bread back down for a final round of browning, obviating the need for that annoying "wait for the coils to cool but not too much" routine. Like most combo kitchen devices, this one costs more than the two items it would be replacing. It's $130. Product Page [ via Like Cool via Oh Gizmo]
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8 Responses to Breville iKon BKT500 toaster also burns coffee

  1. Anonymous says:

    No, not a coffee percolator. It’s a water boiler. So Breville has combined two of the most challenging culinary tasks in one product: making toast and boiling water.

  2. jordawesome says:

    If the combo kettle is anything like the standalone Ikon kettle, it will have the most delightful and crisp ‘ding’ to alert you when the water is boiling. It’s also illuminated internally to lead you to believe your water is being heated by some exotic thermonuclear process, instead of plain old pedestrian electricty.

  3. royaltrux says:

    There are several microwave/toaster combos (I can’t say if they’re good or not):

  4. dculberson says:

    As much as I hate combo devices, I would love it if someone came out with a good microwave + toaster oven. We only have room for one “permanent” appliance on the counter at work.

    But, it’s not to be, so I’ll stick to dragging the toaster oven out to toast my pitas.

  5. kerry says:

    We don’t have a toaster, either, we just use the broiler when we want toast. I make my mcmuffin clones the old fashioned way. I toast the bread in the oven and poach my eggs in a pot on the stove.
    Thinking about it, we have no toaster but four different coffee makers (drip, espresso, stove top espresso, and french press) and three grinders (manual burr grinder, automatic burr grinder, and automatic blade grinder). I guess it’s obvious we would rather have coffee for breakfast than toast.

  6. Chris Schmidt says:

    This reminds me of my favorite kitchen doodad, the Breakfast Sandwich maker. It toasts an english muffin, cooks a egg, and steams cooks a sausage patty. Worth every penny if you have a weakness for McDonalds in the morning.

  7. historyman68 says:

    My family always had toaster ovens rather than pop-up toasters, which made it very easy and fun to make open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches. Now that I have a pop-up toaster and a George Foreman grill, I discovered that I can make closed-face grilled cheese sandwiches pretty easily.

    I also have a plain old slot-loading toaster, which I used a fair amount. But I just love toast. If only the Foreman did eggs too…

  8. Anonymous says:

    That kettle doesn’t make coffee, it just boils water, which you can then use to make coffee or tea or whatever hot beverage is your thing.

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