Colorful and flamboyant Bluetooth headsets by Bluetrek

Many people want their Bluetooth headsets to be as subtle as possible. I am not one of them. In Berlin, there are only two sorts of people who stand in the middle of the streets, loudly talking to themselves, and the sort with whom I would avoid being mistakenly associated tends to wildly jactitate with the DTs when not complaining about the invisible insects crawling all over them. That vibrant, colorful Bluetooth headset, nuzzled in my ear canal? Irrefutable proof that I am not a lunatic. Or at least not by dint of loudly talking to no one. So I approve of Bluetrek's limited edition Bizz and UFO Bluetooth headsets. Each one is decorated by artist Manuel Angot, and they come in all sorts of lurid patterns and colorful, chromatic swirlings. True, they aren't suitable for any professionals short of the most flamboyant of businessmen, but for the sort of hipsters who like colorful glasses and tech, these are pretty neat. At £79 a pop, though, I think I'll stick with my glitter, feathers and sparkles. Bluetrek Bluetooth Earpieces [Techdigest]
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2 Responses to Colorful and flamboyant Bluetooth headsets by Bluetrek

  1. clashcityrockerkat says:

    Please feel free to post pictures of you wearing your besparkled headset, John!

  2. Downpressor says:

    So with one of these, one can appear to be less of a loon and more of a tool, or is it the other way around?

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