Online encyclopedia of all Warner Bros. cartoon ACME brand products

Although exiled from memory now, there was but one name in gadgetry to be trusted from the 1930s through the 1960s: the storied and indefatigable inventing house of ACME Products. Who can forget their many technological triumphs? ACME Brand Dehydrated Boulders, which — with a single drop of water — would granoblastically engorge themselves from small pebbles? Or the ACME Brand Indestructo Steel Ball, which beat Volvo to the punch with the first nigh-invulnerable passenger vehicle? Or the patented ACME brand Instant Girl, a small capsule which, taken regularly, would fight off the loneliness of even the most introverted teenage boy? And let's not forget old stalwarts like the ACME Brand Jet Propelled Pogo Stick, the ACME Brand Iron Carrot, ACME Brand Strait-Jacketed Ejecting Bazookas and, of course, the timeless ACME Brand Giant Rubber Band. Follow the link below to be whisked away to an online museum of ACME brand products, with links, images and descriptions detailing each and every invention in ACME's legendary arsenal of gadgets. It may be hard to imagine now, but we owe so many of our modern day tech industries to ACME's radical ingenuity. Bow your heads and usher forth to the museum of ACME with due reverence, gadget swine! The Original Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products [Site via Oh Gizmo!]
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3 Responses to Online encyclopedia of all Warner Bros. cartoon ACME brand products

  1. Jake0748 says:

    When I was in my single digit years my mom always shopped at the Acme grocery store. I was always disappointed that I never saw any anvils, rocket-powered roller skates or those spherical black bombs with the fuse sticking out the top.

  2. proto says:

    What?! No listing for the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator? Hmmm. . . must not have been an Acme product.

  3. Qozmiq says:

    Looks like there is a grip on the bottle in the story’s image…predecessor to the Fleshlight?

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