Run as you cycle with the Treadmill Bike

I love novelty velocipedes, and so I've already developed a fondness for this Treadmill Bike for sale from Bike Forest. It's stupidly impractical and inefficient, but it makes up for that with goofy charm: the video on the official site touts "you can bring it on the bus" as a major feature, yet cuts away just as the handle bars smack into the door frame. Another bullet points out that you are unlikely to be transformed into a gelatinous smear by an SUV while riding the Treadmill Bike, since "the Treadmill Bike's elevated running platform means you'll be seen over the hood of even the most heinously overbuilt motor vehicle." Goofy charm only goes so far, though: I'm not sure that it's worth $2,500 Canadian to be the biggest doofus on the bike path. Treadmill Bike [Bike Forest via Gizmowatch]
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6 Responses to Run as you cycle with the Treadmill Bike

  1. doggo says:

    Hey, it might be fun if it’s geared so you go faster than if you were really walking. Y’know, like those walkways at the airport, y’know how when you pass someone who’s not on the walkway, you just whiz past them?

    But still… dorky.

  2. Happler says:

    How in the heck did they manage to keep from ROFLing while filming that?

  3. Josh Michtom says:

    @ Doggo: It must be geared for efficiency, because otherwise, why wouldn’t you just run?

    That said, I wish someone would power one of these by riding a little BMX bike on it, because that would be delightfully meta.

  4. Tarek says:

    @Josh, Doggo: I don’t actually think it’s geared at all – it looks like the roller under the back of the belt is in direct contact with the rear wheel.

    The best part about this video is the narrator giggling as she says, “you can take it down stairs…”

    These folks are built a couch bike:

  5. george57l says:

    Tell me this is a spoof. Please!


    I’ll hold out for the pink tricycle version with streamers on teh handlebars and a bell

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