Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam just like the Flip Video Ultra, but pinker

Creative continues to transform into the niche electronics vendor it has always — despite proclamations otherwise — strived to be. It's announced the "Vado Pocket Video Cam," a $100 just-press-the-button-dummy VGA camcorder unmistakably designed to take a healthy 2-4% chunk of the Flip Video Ultra's share of the cheap YouTube camera market. The Vado is available in silver or hot pink, has a removable, rechargeable battery (that's nice, and additional batteries are just $15), and can copy movies from its non-expandable 2GB of RAM over the flip-out USB connector. Press Release [PR Newswire] Product Page [] PreviouslyCreative Stops Hacker from Improving Their Product [BBG]
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2 Responses to Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam just like the Flip Video Ultra, but pinker

  1. Patrick Austin says:

    -1 point for not using AA’s like the Flip.
    +1 point for the bigger LCD
    -200 points for copying and not trying to improve upon the Flip, despite having much deeper pockets.

    Not that my Flip is perfect, but I’d rather give my money to the innovators rather than the copycats.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Got the vado finally!! I’m rather pleased with it considering the video quality I can get for the price I paid. Furthermore, the screen is much bigger than the flip which makes my video viewing so much more comfortable.

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