Demolition derby with farm combines

Each year the town of Lind, Washington, holds a demolition derby — with combines. I must attend this. 2007 Derby Gallery [ via Go Sleep Go via Oh Gizmo
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8 Responses to Demolition derby with farm combines

  1. Anonymous says:

    sorry, this just seems like one of the many peaks of American indulgent waste. Several tons of agricultural equipment that according to above posers you can’t get parts for or fix, so it’s practical to just junk them? All the howling about how farmers can’t make a living, no bloody wonder. This is far more obscene than GTA IV, but I doubt any bunched-panty powermongers will be including a mention of it in their spittle-blowing struts.

  2. drumiller says:

    *blink* My cousin was one of the driver/handlers in the last couple years, and got interviewed for the Playboy 50th Anniversary Issue, which pretty much put the derby on the map. He also financed his entry and some of university through a parts bartering program for older combine parts.

    IIRC, these combines are destined for scrap anyways, they occasionally cosmetically/mechanically appear functional for farming, but are not.

    The sad thing is that older combines are more reusable than recent models because of vendor spec lockin and using IC more than mechanical parts (ala car manufacturing), making repairs and tinkering that much harder.

  3. dacker says:

    Yep, they do that out here, west of Portland, Oregon as well. It’s amazing, when you consider new combines cost over $100K!

  4. License Farm says:

    I can’t wait for the year when everything goes Maximum Overdrive and the combines smash through the penny-ante concrete barriers and chicken wire fence. Eat ‘um up, yum.

  5. Paul Coleman says:

    Oh man! This is all kinds of awesome. It’d be even better if they did it in a stand of wheat.

    Still, for my money, tractor square dancing is more fun to watch. Even if it is a lot lamer.

  6. Freddie Freelance says:

    The Kankakee, Il, County Fair has also done this often over the past 10 years; unfortunately this year they’re doing Extreme School Bus Figure 8 Tack Racing instead.


    This is messed up. The economics of farming make it cheaper to buy or lease a new combine than maintain and repair an older machine, hence the glut of surplus working machines. Add that to the long list of stupid outcomes of the economics of farming due to the distortions of public policy.
    That said, I could watch videos of tractor pulls all day:

  8. DarthTurducken says:

    This is lame and epic at the same time. My mind cannot comprehend. I am undone.

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