Gallery of Grand Theft Auto 4 / New York City comparison shots

Sightseeing in Liberty City is a fantastic Flickr gallery dedicated to contrasting locations from Grand Theft Auto 4 with their real-world NYC counterparts. The bottom image, for example, is a comparison between Brooklyn's Paramount Theater and Liberty City's Canyon Theater. I must buy this game already... damn German censorship laws. Sightseeing in Liberty City [Flickr]
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7 Responses to Gallery of Grand Theft Auto 4 / New York City comparison shots

  1. Anonymous says:

    its actually the paramount building in times square not brooklyn. It is in their version of times square as well.

  2. Enochrewt says:

    I have to say, when you drive through Time Square in the game it’s jaw dropping as to how close it is.

    Every time I see a new GTA, I wonder how they will outdo themselves on the next installment. I haven’t been dissapointed yet.

  3. Todd Sieling says:

    GTA isn’t my thing, but the renderings are really beautiful. For a guy who doesn’t like shoot-em-ups and wasn’t inspired by the violent nihilism of GTA 1-3, is this actually worth checking out? It seems like a cinematic achievement inside a video game. Any suggestions one way or the other?

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Todd: I think it’s a wonderful game that captures NYC like no other game before, but it *is* a shooter/action game, so if you don’t like that gameplay, you’ll probably tire of its repetitive missions quickly.

  4. echolocate chocolate says:

    Pity they’re not comparing photos in the same weather, season and time of day. I gather Rockstar had time-lapse cameras on buildings in NY so they could get the lighting right.

    Maybe I am being too picky. :)

  5. Blaine says:

    As not an NYC native, grain of salt, but… I was surprised how familiar parts of Manhattan felt (we usually go to NYC once a year – only reason we’re not going this year is because of wedding/house buying financial crunch that leaves no room for a vacation).

    In general it’s a caricature of the city, but still very cool to just drive around in.

  6. mralistair says:

    i love the idea that all this accuracy is being put together in the north half of edinburgh (v1.0 not the Indiana version).

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