Place your toddler upon a robot mount

The Ringbo rideable robot is a tiny positronic mount for your toddler, controlled with a pair of ear-like joysticks, and though I would have loved this as a kid, my adult incarnation is disappointed: at first blush, I thought the Ringobo was a rideable robot potty-training toilet, and only lamented the absence of side-mounted cannons hooked up to the tank. RINGBO Riding Robot [Korea Trade Show New York]
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8 Responses to Place your toddler upon a robot mount

  1. carlysboing says:

    hmm…It looks fun.
    Having one of those riders, wouldn’t mean that they would never walk or run anywhere again. Kids have plenty of toys that allow them to relax and ride for a bit, my son has a bike with a bar in the back that I pretty much just push him around on because he doesn’t have the knack for the pedals yet…he loves to just ride it though. He still runs all over the place, toddlers have super power crazy energy —

    I think they appreciate driving as much as adults do! I imagine my son would LOVE to tool around on that thing, I wonder how fast it is?

  2. Enochrewt says:

    Bah, put the peddles back, kids need exercise!

  3. godfathersoul says:

    This is, i believe, to prepare them for being fat and helpless later on in life. Then they can say – but I always had one of these… i just grew into it. Like my obese neighbor who, er, walks her dog… well, he walks while she drives her little cart. Maybe I’ll photoshop a fat kid riding this thing… “Never Again Suffer the Indignity of Not Keeping Up! Out drive your lesser more fit classmates!” shuuudddeeerrrr

  4. Bloo says:

    Asimov’s unwritten law #4

    “A robot must suffer indiginities, unless it conflicts with the First, Second, or Third Laws”

  5. Bugs says:

    This thing runs on positrons?

    do you need to hook this up to a Dirac source, or can we just drop in a lump of Iodine-124 and have it run off that for a couple of weeks?

  6. Hello Fitchburg says:

    They had these things in the late 70s, too – except they looked like police motorcycles and army jeeps. We all wanted them, but none of our parents could afford them.

  7. David Carroll says:

    I guess it’s never to early to teach your kid to be a sedentary blob. I’m shocked it doesn’t have a TV built in.

  8. Stefan Jones says:

    We need to get one of these to some MAKEers. They’ put in a potty seat and a voice synthesizer to deliver praise for accurate aim.

    Um, but yeah, the unmodified version is like a training version of those carts that people with ruined hips use to tool around Wal-Mart.

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