Sharp business HDTV includes built-in web browser

When I ruminated that the future of the set-top box was the web browser, I asked when television manufacturers would add a browser to their sets. Sharp's latest LCD HDTVs include a browser, so I guess the answer is "now". Too bad they're priced for business use at over $5,000 — and that many streaming video sites still use Windows Media-based DRM, which these televisions surely don't support. But it's a step in the right direction! Press Release [ via Engadget]
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2 Responses to Sharp business HDTV includes built-in web browser

  1. stratosfyr says:

    My next set-top will probably be one of those little EEE Boxes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just looked into the documentation (can be downloaded for free on the Sharp USA webpage) and I cannot find any hint that the TV sets have a browser included. According to the documentation they are configurable via a webbrowser, so they have a built-in web*server* for sure. Maybe somebody misunderstood that?

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