Aliph's updated Jawbone Bluetooth headset reviewed (Verdict: Smaller but just as quirky)

The first time I saw the original Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset in person I was shocked at its size. That perforated metal casing that looked so lovely on the outside concealed a mound of plastic the size of a circus peanut. Mark McClusky has taken the updated Jawbone for a ride on his auricle and found it to match the already excellent call quality of its predecessor, all in a package that's 50% lighter than before and visibly less broad. But at $120, you'll be paying mostly for the looks. (Perfectly functional Bluetooth headsets can be found for under $20 without much trouble.) I like the lizard skin pattern on the new model — designed by Yves Behar, dontchakno — but I could see how some would find it a bit tawdry. It definitely rides the line. Review: Jawbone's Latest Headset is Smaller Skinnier Sexier [Gadget Lab]
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2 Responses to Aliph's updated Jawbone Bluetooth headset reviewed (Verdict: Smaller but just as quirky)

  1. Enochrewt says:

    Yummm Circus Peanuts

    My father loves his Jawbone. I refused to let him give me one, I have enough trouble not looking crazy as I walk down the street, I don’t need to be talking to no one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its Sad they make it look Funny
    just so it looks differnt

    & why why why cant we have more battery life ?
    the last one was 6hrs & now its 4hrs ONLY ? :(

    whats wrong with Jawbone ?

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