Brad Litwin's ball-catching "Rotapult"

Brad Litwin sent us this video of his latest kinetic sculpture, on display at the "re.action" exhibition at the Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park and Arts Center in Solomons, Maryland, starting on June 1st. More projects from Brad []
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4 Responses to Brad Litwin's ball-catching "Rotapult"

  1. gwax says:

    It’d be cooler if it kept multiple balls in the air at one time.

  2. certron says:

    It was interesting to realize that the ball is being shot across the wheel, and the wheel has to get in position to catch it. Angular momentum and projectile motion and centripetal force and all that. Fascinating to watch, even without the physics.

    I like the weird wobbling effect as the cone speeds past the camera. I’ve seen a similar warping effect with someone taking a picture of a propeller in-flight with their camera phone.

  3. Jake von Slatt says:

    ZOMG! That is mesmerizing! I love it!

  4. pork musket says:

    That is really cool, and some impressive calibration. The video gave me a bit of motion sickness!

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