Spada TS Codatronca: The Italians still make the prettiest cars

From the racooon-eyed door to the stealth-inspired rear exhaust, the Spada TS Codatronca might be the most menacing car I've ever seen. It's like what would be born if a Buick Riviera was impregnated by demon seed. I've added it to the growing list of cars I love but will never, ever own.Jalopnik has even more on the Italian monstrosity.
Aside from the obvious 'holy-crap-that's-crazy' bodywork, this car features details rarely – if ever – seen on cars of any era, much less new ones. First, and the one we love the most, is the Pitot-static tube mounted on the roof. It takes engineers to decide the best way to determine high speeds is to measure stagnation against ambient pressure. The car also has an internally regulated, kinetically charged lap watch for visual measurement, even though it can record up to 40 laps of telemetry data for analysis after a run.
Spada TS Codatronca Production Announced, Tie Fighters No Longer Cool [Jalopnik]
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3 Responses to Spada TS Codatronca: The Italians still make the prettiest cars

  1. arikol says:

    The frenchies also make very pretty (albeit family) cars.

    In absolute beauty, yup, the Italians are pretty much unbeatable (although the new Astons and Jags are really nice)

    That one in the picture has a SERIOUSLY cool rear

  2. arikol says:

    As for Patricks comment on the Alfa 8C, google it and behold the beauty. Those lines…

  3. Patrick Austin says:

    I wouldn’t call that pretty. Bad ass, maybe, but not pretty. It’s cool but kinda incoherent looking to me.

    Pretty is the Alfa 8C (still Italian!).

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