The Ringshot, a rubber band slingshot re-inforcement device for your fingers

The digitally tremulous will never be true rubber band snipers. I know how to make a rubber band slingshot with my fingers, know how to hook a loop of plastic around the tips of my thumb and index finger, know how to seat a glinting paper clip in the barrel. But somehow — the slippery slope, the one thing leading to another — and the next thing I know, my optometrist fishes around with a pair of tweezers in my aqueous vitreous for misfired paper clip shards. Shira Nahon's Ringshot aims to level the playing field. A hollowed sheath of stainless steel makes a rigid, immovable 'L' of your thumb and index finger, allowing the mounted rubber band to be drawn back without causing the loops of elastic to wildly snap off your fingers. All it requires is a knuckle-mounted sight to make me truly competitive in the BBG office wargames. Ringshot [Flickr via Ubergizmo]
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8 Responses to The Ringshot, a rubber band slingshot re-inforcement device for your fingers

  1. Tenn says:

    This is spectacular. I want.

  2. sonny p fontaine says:

    when i first glanced at this (over on the mainland post refering to this post) I thought it was a new cover for Cory’s book LITTLE BROTHER. maybe it’s the font.

  3. Matt Sanderson says:

    Is it my imagination, or does that kid look a bit like Natalie Portman? Either I need help or he does.

  4. SomeGuy says:

    Watch out kid. You’ll put yer eye out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Man, I guess I can tell what my mindset it. I looked at this and immediately saw an ultraportable insurgency weapon. There have been anarchist and labor groups that were known to carry slingshots since the population was not allowed to be armed. I immediately thought of them.

  6. skarbreeze says:

    So cool, so nerdy… it takes me back to my youth. Sadly, white-collar IT frowns on open displays of violence in the workplace these days.

  7. Andrew Denny says:

    Is it my dirty mind, or is this deliberately designed to make the forefinger and thumb look priapic?

    It’s more than an office toy – it’s a sex toy!

  8. naggs says:

    this is the corked bat of rubber band wars

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