Microwave vs. Compact Disk

Whole worlds in cracks of light. The Microwaved CD [Wacky Archives via MAKE]

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7 Responses to Microwave vs. Compact Disk

  1. Fnarf says:

    Yeah, we did this 20+ years ago, too. Not as devastating as the egg, though.

  2. Jake0748 says:

    This is very cool. It reminds me of SOHO satellite images of the sun taken at weird wavelengths. Nevertheless, I want video.

  3. SC_Wolf says:

    And remember kids, running a microwave “dry” causes extra wear and tear on the emitter because all the engery is refected straight back at it. Put a mug of water in the back corner so that you have some moisture in the cooking chamber to absorb some of the microwaves.

  4. windybt says:

    i love how it’s an old AOL disk.

  5. mdhatter says:

    I did this, literally, 20 years ago.

    Thanks Columbia House.

  6. David Carroll says:

    Hmm: Budget for next Flickr! video set:

    1) 1 Genuine Vista media disk.

    2) 1 Used microwave oven modified to work with door removed, and can be started by remote control.

    3) Some microwave proof fibre optic cable so I can fill the chamber with pretty colours from various angles without putting any of my good lights in it.

    4) A tempered glass shield for my camera(s).

    5) Disposable interior panels so I don’t have to waste time cleaning the oven between takes.

    6) Nose plugs and a fire extinguisher.

    Two things I need to know:

    How far away do I and my cameras need to be from a 1000W microwave oven running with the door open, and still have a reasonable expectation of umm “functioning” during the shoot and in the future? I am hoping that the inverse squared law will be my friend.

    What other neat stuff can I film / destroy with this rig? I’m thinking American Idol CD’s, Catwoman and/or Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed DVDs, iPods, Zunes and wire-rim sunglasses. If I am feeling ambitious, building little flammable dioramas…

    Perhaps I should just check:
    http://www.willitblend.com or YouTube

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