The $40,000 car couch

Fred Bailey's custom designed Car Couch, glossily painted in Sunset Orange Pearl. Fitted with propulsion jets, the perfect interior accoutrement for the would-be Jet Screamer who aspires to reach third base with Judy Jetson. It'll set you back nearly $40,000, though... a high price, even to touch a space bopper's cervix. Fred Bailey's Car Couch [eBay via Born Rich]
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8 Responses to The $40,000 car couch

  1. olliex says:

    The point here is ART, not furniture design.
    Yes, this gorgeous, origional, ‘one of a kind’ piece of meticulously handbuilt metal sculpture does function as a loveseat but it’s definitely no sex couch, lols.
    George Barris (the ‘king’ of Hollywood’s custom car builder’s) was so excited with this piece last summer that he spent a lot of time talking with Fred and getting pics. of the wife and himself sitting on it so he could show it to Jay Leno. To those who haven’t seen it in person I can assure you, the pictures don’t do it justice.
    Fred is a masterful metal sculpter/artist/painter and his uncompromising attention to detail is truely impressive. Current works in progress include another ‘one of a kind’ couch design and an amazing 12-15′ (metal) dragon sculpture. BRILLIANT Fred…easily worth $100,000

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    I have a word for a couch that would not allow two people to have sex on it comfortably, and that word is “no”.

  3. RyanH says:

    Any couch design where the available seating area is less than half the footprint is a fail.

  4. John Brownlee says:

    It’s a love seat!

  5. Jake0748 says:

    Forget it, Judy Jetson’s gotta be so old by now. Oh… no, wait she’s in the future. So not even born yet… um, hmmm, I’m confused. So when do I get to use this couch again?

  6. Stephen Van Dahm says:

    Forget it, Judy Jetson’s gotta be so old by now. Oh… no, wait she’s in the future. So not even born yet… um, hmmm, I’m confused.

    You know, the show was made so long ago that the future in which it is supposed to have occurred may have already happened. If, for instance, the show is set in 2001, then teenage Judy Jetson would probably be about 23 or 24 in 2008. If you owned a flying car, you could totally ask her out.

  7. Itsumishi says:

    If you have $40,000 to spend on a couch I’m guessing you’ve also got ample space to put something like this and therefore the footprint isn’t something you’d care so much about.

    It’d proably fit in nicely in some massive warehouse apartment. Actually it wouldn’t fit in nicely, it’s horrible.

  8. kaiza says:

    The execution is well done (even if the paint is a little garish), but the styling is a bit too literal for my tastes, but then “all show, no go” has always been a big part of car culture hasn’t it?

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