Atari 7800 lounge at Milwaukee grocery store: the horror, the horror...

Past the dusty racks of Sun Chips and Wise Hot Cheese Popcorn, adjacent to the coffee station and the imposing portrait of notorious Milwauakee mutant HODAG!, the gaming lounge at Koppa's Farwell Foods is a perfect shrine to the early 80's. The flickering Magnavox. The phallic plastic potted plant. The wallpaper pattern... a macroscopic depiction of the chlamydia virus wrought by Jackson Pollack in his own projectile vomit. And the centerpiece: the fabled Atari 7800, a console so antediluvian that any child exiled to the corner by his parents for a game of Dig-Dug would walk away utterly mystified. "I think it's busted. It can only draw, like, 17 pixels at a time. And it smells like cat pee over there." If you want to bring your kid by for a glimpse at the horrors of retro-gaming, you can check out Koppa's Farwell Foods in Milwaukee at 1490 N. Farwell Ave. care for a game of jungle hunt before checking out? [Flickr via Technabob]
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12 Responses to Atari 7800 lounge at Milwaukee grocery store: the horror, the horror...

  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved that place! Used to party right across the street when a bunch of my friends went to MSOE.

    I always found it cute that their neon sign out front had two sayings on it ‘OPEN’ and ‘SHUT’

  2. Anonymous says:

    Reply to comment #1; yup man, I still live there, and it’s GREAT! Always remember to patron your local polish delicatessen! P.S. THE RIMPISH SEPARATES THE VEGANS FROM THOSE WHO ARE TRULY HUNGRY FOR A GREAT SANDWICH!

  3. Nixar says:

    I had an Atari 2600, and this, sir, is no Atari 2600.

    It’s actually a 7800.

  4. John Brownlee says:

    Ha. Damn. Fixing!

  5. royaltrux says:

    Yes, the controllers give it away – definitely a 2600 variant.

  6. acb says:

    So in the 1980s, America looked like East Germany?

  7. novakreo says:

    We almost need a unicorn chaser just for that wallpaper.

  8. StriatedPattern says:

    @#4 Not the whole country, just Wisconsin.

    This makes my heart melt.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Actually the console is a 2600 Jr, Not a 7800.

  10. dougyno says:

    The console in question is actually the 2600 Jr. not the 7800. Notice the controllers plug in the back and not the front as they would with a 7800. The switches are also large and located near the cart slot and not smaller and located near the front of the unit as on the 7800. Also the 7800 has more of a wedge shape and a smaller rainbow stripe on the metal strip.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not only have I played that very Atari but I dare say that I lived entirely off of food bought at that most indie of all grocers for at least two years. Long live Koppa’s, long live the East Side!

  12. entropy says:

    how cool. koppa’s is a great place with an amazing amount of character. Here is a link.
    if your ever in Milwaukee it is worth the trip and then you can always go across the street to comet cafe for some extra east side character.

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