8GB alien robot USB sticks from Planet Blõôh

Like any orifice, there's countless shapes, colors and varieties of objects you can cram into your USB port, according to your preference. As a cephalophile, I tend to like squid shaped USB drives, myself. But these adorable 8GB Mimobot flash sticks are pretty tempting. They even come with their own sci-fi backstory:
They're bigger... they're badder... they Came From Planet Blõôh! It's the monstrous 8GB MIMOBOT® flash drives, and they're coming to consume a datum near you! Beware, friends, as these over-enhanced denizens of silicone nature can devour nearly twenty thousand photos, two thousand songs, or twenty-five hundred minutes of video! Aaaaaaahhhhh! That's a lot...
"Planet Blõôh" is almost enough to justify $140 bucks. But not quite. 8GB MIMOBOT Drives Available! [Mimoco]
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3 Responses to 8GB alien robot USB sticks from Planet Blõôh

  1. noen says:

    Plenty big enough to put a USB version of linux on.


  2. Tommy says:

    I went the opposite route, buying the smallest, cheapest ones. After all, I’m buying them because they look cool. I’ll buy a cheaper one for capacity.

  3. Mike says:

    I think you might actually be a cephalopodophile. A cephalophile would be someone who just really digs heads. Granted, you might also be that. I can’t imagine the effect of all that cuddling with Joel, but the results must be dark indeed.

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