ASUS Eee vs. MSI Wind PC: PCMark Fight!

Rob and I have been keeping our eye on the Atom-based MSI Wind, waiting for reviews and hoping this is the subnotebook that finally gets us to drop our dough. At first blush, then, this comparison by Impress is not immediately encouraging... while the Wind scores higher than the Eee overall, the CPU Score is significantly lower than the Eee PC 900, running on a Celeron 900Mhz processor. It means nothing, of course, in the grand scheme of a laptop's performance, but one likes to min-max. But wait, what's that under OS? Loathsome Vista. Perhaps that's the culprit. It's inclusion in the chart is curious, since I don't believe the Wind ships with Vista, only XP and SuSE. So is this just a typo, an unannounced flavor of the Wind or some fool's lamentable stab at running a bulky, clunky, resource hungry OS on his gimpy subnotebook? Why would you even do that? Secrets of the Atom cracked, Wind PC Revealed [Engadget]
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2 Responses to ASUS Eee vs. MSI Wind PC: PCMark Fight!

  1. mralistair says:

    Also wouldn’t it be fairer to compare it to the ‘soon’ to be released atom based eee?

    or at least add a section for “right” and “right now”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe, having seen this on other forums earlier today, that this is the benchmark score set for the desktop version [] of the MSI wind PC, not the ultra-portable.

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