Andrew Kellett, "world's dumbest criminal," can't keep activities off YouTube

Techdirt rightly points out that attempts to stop criminals uploading their activities to YouTube are stupid: why deprive prosecutors of such easily-gathered evidence? There must be something to it, however, as Leeds' city council has gone out of its way to ban the city's "dumbest criminal" from doing precisely that.
Andrew Kellett, 23, was branded the city's "dumbest criminal" by Leeds City Council after posting more than 80 videos showing himself and others committing a range of offences. The videos included leaving a petrol station apparently without paying, trespassing and shouting abuse, dangerous driving and racing at high speeds, as well as taking class A drugs.
Naturally, he filmed himself being awarded a suspended sentence at the local Magistrates' court. It's not like there aren't a million other ways to get attention for one's misbehavior. Surely being able to nail criminals more easily in court would outweigh any benefit gained from nannying them off the Internet. Britain's 'dumbest criminal' is banned from boasting about his offences on the internet [Daily Heil via TechDirt]

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One Response to Andrew Kellett, "world's dumbest criminal," can't keep activities off YouTube

  1. Stitch says:

    If you outlaw uploading evidence of crimes to youtube, only outlaw criminals will upload evidence of their crimes to youtube.

    Does that even make sense?

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