BBQ Donut is a boat with a grill, not nature's perfect snack

The "BBQ Donut" is a round pontoon boat with a grill in the middle, made mobile with a small outboard motor. Tool around a lake while grilling, suggests its manufacturer, enjoying music from its optional soundsystem. I can't imagine spending more than a few minutes in one before I'd go stir crazy. I do like the idea of a grill on a boat, however, nestled next to a cooler full of lemon and butter. Who wants to eat hot dogs when you've got a fishing pole or spear gun? Company Page (Flash with music) [ via Serious Eats]
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5 Responses to BBQ Donut is a boat with a grill, not nature's perfect snack

  1. toxonix says:

    If anyone buys that I hope it kills them.

  2. jasongnc says:

    And it is so easily transported by helicopter to any lake you desire.

  3. agraham999 says:

    Well at least when you burst into flames, you aren’t too far from cooling your burning flesh. That seems like good industrial design right there.

  4. thenextstopwillbe says:

    “not nature’s perfect snack” hilarious!

  5. Scuba SM says:

    You know, I just found out that they sell these things called pontoon boats. The also have grills on them and they have space to actually walk around!

    On a slightly different note, that boat probably can’t handle anything above a moderate breeze or slight waves, as it doesn’t have a keel to help keep it tracking in the direction you’re steering. Maybe I’m missing some fundamental feature that makes this wallowing craft irresistible.

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