Rollable boom box for ghetto blasting on the go

I rather like this rollable MP3 boom box crafted by Israeli designer Inbal Tyagi. Normally, I'd even be inspired to write something about it. But after reading the astute analysis of the device by Atul over at Gizmowatch, I've simply resigned myself to blockquoting another writer's literary genius. After all, how could I possibly top this?
Who shouts coz I am Kazaam when he jumps out of the boom box? The Jennie Shaquille O’Neal was the one who gave me a fair insight into the meaning of the word.
*emphatic nodding* Exactly. It's the effortless insight of a literary maestro with his finger on the pulse of the human condition. I think we all know exactly what Atul's talking about, having struggled but failed our entire lives to translate this exact same emotional vibrato into words. What could I add? It's perfect. 'Nuff said, really. Boombox on Wheels [Site via Gizmowatch]
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4 Responses to Rollable boom box for ghetto blasting on the go

  1. Mike says:

    LOL! I couldn’t agree more, John. The eloquence is overwhelming. Now is this thing powered by rolling? Because that would be cool.

  2. Mike says:

    So I just realized it says “self-support energy – batteries and dynamo.” I guess it is motion-powered after all. A green, somewhat impractical boom box? Color me impressed. Kazaam, when the boom box rolled.

  3. Not a Doktor says:

    be a one man parade

  4. Dustin Driver says:

    John Brownlee, you are my hero.

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