Unconfessable Ideas: cute Apple-themed shirts and stuff store

"Unconfessable Ideas" is an Italian web shop selling Apple-themed merchandise, generally more subtle than the sort of stuff made by American geek retailers. I'm fond of the "trio" pins which replicate the Close, Minimize, and Expand buttons of the standard OS X window. I'd grab a set of them for € 3.50 right now, but I can't figure out if they ship to the U.S. or not (nor if it's cheap enough to bother). The "vinyl Mac desktop" is also cute — perfect for inducting children into the cult before they can even comprehend language. Company Page [UnconfessableIdeas.com]
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  1. Camillo Miller says:

    There’s a “How We Ship” page you can access from your link. Anyway they do ship to the U.S. It’s 1€ (total 4,50 €, 7$) and you can pay through paypal. :-)

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