Artist draws his face on the world with GPS and DHL

As a project, this campaign by artist Erik Nordenankar and DHL is quite clever: ship a small package with a GPS locator around the world to geo-map a global self-portrait of the artist. But I'd be more impressed if DHL hadn't been in on the project: some of the circuitous Baltic curlicues necessary to etch-a-sketch Nordenankar's bed head hair are simply too implausible without having a special delivery plane devoted to the task. World's Biggest Drawing [Official Site]
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13 Responses to Artist draws his face on the world with GPS and DHL

  1. Anonymous says:

    There are segments of that “art” that appear to be longer than the range of regular commercial aircraft.

    If this is true, I’m definitely boycotting DHL for extreme stupidity for their participation.

  2. Adam Fields says:

    Also, GPS requires line of sight to the satellites.

  3. SteveM says:

    Did anybody stop to think that maybe this line is not the actual path of the GPS device but a series of destination points that are then connected to show the pattern? This would solve the problem of the GPS not picking up signal while in the cargo bin of a plane or truck. Also solves the problem of planes flying in huge circles.

  4. License Farm says:

    Hey, homey drew his face across the world. That’s some major juju right there. Only Cobra Commander came nearly as close with his plot to carve his helmet into the moon.

  5. Dave Faris says:

    DHL : We haven’t the slightest idea what the shortest distance between two points is.

  6. Scuba SM says:

    Check the site now. It says at the bottom that the whole project is a work of fiction and that it never happened.

  7. Esther Sassaman says:

    this art is a huge waste of carbon..

  8. george57l says:

    I’ve looked at the detailed map and the video and I find it very difficult to believe that DHL have the capacity or will to fly around the oceans in otherwise meaningless loops, as apparently instructed. Apart from anything else they’d have wasted a huge amount of fuel in the process, just for one customer. Who paid? Where’s the evidence they did actually do it?

  9. John Brownlee says:

    George, it’s clear to me watching the video that this wasn’t just “some guy” but this is part of a marketing campaign for DHL. I’m willing to buy DHL actually did it but clearly, this was a very special case, DHL sponsored the whole thing and there’s no way you could recreate it yourself.

  10. george57l says:

    So much for “art” then.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Just knowing DHL, I wonder how many of those paths are due to the object being routed to the wrong location…

  12. License Farm says:

    @ #8 Mister Moofoo: Chairface Chippendale only got so far as the letters “CHA.” You’ve got to hand it to Ben Edlund for keeping that in continuity through the the run of that show.

  13. Mister Moofoo says:

    Cobra Commander?! I thought it was Chairface Chippendale!

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