Guinness ball cap with built-in bottle opener

This pedestrian ball cap has a garish bottle opener riveted onto the bill. It's an officially branded Guinness product; too bad the best non-draught Guinness comes in a can. It's $20, plus shipping. Catalog Page []
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18 Responses to Guinness ball cap with built-in bottle opener

  1. cha0tic says:

    Yeah go for the Nigerian Guiness, we get it round our way and it’s Lush. I can also recommend Dragon Stout.

  2. johninsapporo says:

    The Guinness in cans has a widget in it that rattles when it’s empty. As far as I understand, this delivers nitrogen when the can is opened. Nitrogen gas, as opposed to carbon dioxide has much finer bubbles and this makes the froth taste creamy.

    However, the Guinness in bottles, at least the stuff we get in Japan, is far superior. The canned stuff does have a nice froth, I’ll give it that, but the beer itself tastes like “black budweiser.” In other words, it doesn’t taste of much at all. The stuff in bottles has that delicious bitterness and the full taste of a good Guinness.

    Of course, none of these are anything like what you get in Dublin. They are mere substitutes. But when the airfare to Dublin is several arms and several legs, what is a guy to do?

    John Davis

  3. Jim Rizzo says:

    Guinness Draught is no good. Guinness Extra Stout, however… mmmmmm. And that does come in a bottle.

  4. cubey says:

    Not entirely practical. If you open a bottle while wearing the hat, the bottle is inverted, and you get a Guinness shower (although I’m sure some people would pay good money to be showered in Guinness, come to think of it).

  5. pupdog says:

    I ran across the black ‘Clover’ model at my local Wal-Mart for about 5 bucks less a few weeks ago. The only real drawback is you have to remove the hat to use the opener (unless you can stand on your head, keep it on, and crack a bottle at the same time).

    I prefer a pint from a fresh keg myself.

  6. Tenn says:

    Spencer’s Gifts has carried these sort of things forever. This one, and also a non-Guinness one that has the bottle opener actually under the brim, well-concealed, that would allow you to remove the lid sans-shower.

  7. pupdog says:

    I can’t remember the last time I was actually IN a Spencer’s. Pretty sure I must have needed a blacklight for something…

  8. pork musket says:

    Pretty much any party or bar has someone that smokes and has a lighter, and lighters are nature’s bottle opener

  9. mdhatter says:

    #5 You went to UMass too? ;)

  10. klobouk says:

    Guinness Extra Stout, at least as available in the California, fails only in that it comes in standard bottles rather than utilizing any of the neat nitrogen carbonization widgets found in the Draught bottles and cans.
    Well, that and that it’s bottled in Canada.
    Ooooh, flame on.

  11. klobouk says:

    @ Pork Musket, #5-
    And even on the rare occasions that I’m caught without a lighter, just about anything will do. Silverware, hardbound book, countertop. It’s hard not to be able to open a bottle. Hard edge + torque = open.

  12. monument says:


    This calls for some extreme somersault bottle opening.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “too bad the best non-draught Guinness comes in a can”

    So speaks a man who has never tasted Nigerian Guinness.

  14. johninsapporo says:

    “too bad the best non-draught Guinness comes in a can.”

    Can’t agree with you there, I’m afraid. The best non-draught Guinness comes in a bottle.

    The guys at Guinness really do get some great ideas. Much of their advertising has been superb.

    John Davis

  15. Anonymous says:

    people drink guinness out of bottles? dear god. as an irishman, i don’t think i know anyone who would drink the “black stuff” that way.

  16. strider_mt2k says:

    We need more bottle openers.

    It’s quite possible that at this time there have been more bottle openers produced than bottles.

    Go to any alcohol-fueled event and press towards the front and odds are your eye will deflect the odd thrown bottle opener/key chain.

    If you are lucky you will catch it.

    If not you will catch it.

    It works either way.


    @3. Interesting interpretation, Tenn. I assumed you were intended to take the hat off, open the bottle and put it back on your head.
    But then, I’m old enough to drink. For the last 30 years.

  18. Tenn says:

    I can’t remember the last time I was actually IN a Spencer’s. Pretty sure I must have needed a blacklight for something..

    You are right. Spencer’s is a steaming hellhole only useful for the blacklights. Sometimes has hats on discount, though. Ugh. It’s worse than Hot Topic.

    will deflect the odd thrown bottle opener

    Deflect? Sounds painful.

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