Motorola’s 180-gram spy radio has GPS, end-to-end encryption

Is frisking someone for a wire still much use as an anti-surveillance measure? Motorola, with its TETRA Covert Radio, has removed any hope of easily ratting out the spies: it weighs only 180 grams and can “easily be concealed in light clothing.” From the press release:

The TCR1000 … helps officers to disguise their equipment during covert operations,
allowing them to blend into the crowd. …
end-to-end encryption. It incorporates many innovative features to address
the unique requirements of covert radios such as discrete audio, radio
control and long battery lifetime. … The TCR1000 is controllable from a remote unit that provides
greater flexibility to users in their operations.

It even has integrated GPS. It’ll be on show at Hong Kong’s TETRA World Congress in June.
Press Release [Motorola]

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