Star Wars tackle-and-rod for the suppression of Mon Calamari

There's nothing more enjoyable than a languorous day at the lake, fishing with a sawed-off shotgun, although god knows that the latest Star Wars merchandise — fishing gear and tackle box — tries to at least throw a lightsaber into the mix. We'd say George Lucas has no shame, but you all saw The Phantom Menace, so why labor the point? Star Wars Fishing Supplies [The Force via Oh Gizmo]
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6 Responses to Star Wars tackle-and-rod for the suppression of Mon Calamari

  1. License Farm says:

    Perfect for catching giant monster fish on Naboo.

    n.b. only old school Star Wars characters. Perhaps Lucas has some shame after all. If this is what it takes to get a kid into fishing, good on ‘em; if it’s what it takes to court the fisherman nerd niche, good on their marketing team.

  2. Bynk says:

    Watch out! It’s a trap! Our fleet can’t repel tackle-and-rods of that magnitude!

  3. Marcel says:

    Nope. I’m sorry. Number one still has to be the Hello Kitty assualt rifle, but this one comes awfully close.

  4. Enochrewt says:

    Oh I want, I’d probably get laughed off the resevoir where I do most of my fishing, but I wouldn’t care. I’m concerned that I don’t see a MSRP or a place to buy it. Is this a K-mart/Walmart fishing pole?

    Also, from the link:

    Also, I wanted to pass on information from my Bothan spies who tell me there are going to be more Star Wars fishing accessories to come in the near future that will possibly have something to do with the Clone Wars.”

    What else could they do?

  5. Jake0748 says:

    Ha ha – I guess that thing on the right is a net for scooping up fish. At first glance I thought it was a Darth Vader flyswatter, now THAT I might buy.

  6. chef says:

    Wow – if you lift the fish out of the water, they *will* choke… how appropriate.

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