A better transmitting device for extra-office coffee delivery

This seems like a better solution to mass coffee delivery. You simply place two coffees on a cardboard sleeve in the appropriate holes and then lift the handles, turning the coffee holder into a handbag that won't spill a macchiato no matter how you swing it around. I prefer this to the Starbucks corrugated cardboard model, which not only seems comparatively wasteful, but which has an immutable law of the universe attached to it, dictating that the carrier will sag on one side if you carry it one handed and spill its contents all over the ground exactly one micro-instant before you deliver the coffee to its intended recipient. Coffee carrier for common customers [Core77]
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4 Responses to A better transmitting device for extra-office coffee delivery

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here in Europe the same concept works with beer:


  2. gobo says:

    That’s a million times smarter than the standard paper-mash crate Starbucks uses.

    Also curious about those doohickeys in the background. Are those coffee potpourri warmers?

  3. Enochrewt says:

    The only problem with this is that you have to actively carry it the entire time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very sexy as far as drink carriers go, but let’s say you have to get in the car and drive, what do you do with it then? Also, can you set it down and pick it back up easily? But great idea just for running down the block to grab coffee for the gang.

  4. Trevour says:

    Laid flat, it looks like the skull of Hitler bugging his eyes out.

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