Giant unrollable fabric keyboard rug

Electronics hacker Maurin Donneaud created this huge, unrollable keyboard carpet for his living room, punching hundreds of holes under each letter to guarantee that the conductive switches would pick up his fuzzily socked feet. Concepts that are better in theory than in execution: build one of these myself and use it to blog for a whole day, dancing between each key like Tom Hanks in Big. Maurin Donneaud's Flickr Stream [Flickr via Hack-A-Day]
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4 Responses to Giant unrollable fabric keyboard rug

  1. Jeff says:

    But it’s not QWERTY!

  2. Enochrewt says:

    How ome the stuff that I’d buy isn’t for sale? But after Jeff’s revelation that it’s not a QWERTY keyboard(which I completely missed), I wouldn’t buy it. But then again, The World’s Fastest Typist doesn’t use a QWERTY keyboard either.

  3. Dillenger69 says:

    Sell these and everyone can jump to conclusions, one letter at a time.

  4. klobouk says:

    This would be more of a workout incentive than the Wii Fit!

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