Refined sugar cereal lighting system is delicious

Continuing this morning's inadvertently breakfast-themed gadgetry — a vivisection via blogging of my own hungry, pre-dawn id — the Refined Cereal Light Fixture turns a row of fluorescent-colored, sugary cereal boxes into a wall mountable light fixture. The omission of Apple Jacks from the design seems like a weakness in the design: everyone is familiar with the eerie sight of a box of Apple Jacks radioactively pulsating in the dark by dint of super-charged sweetness alone. Refined Sugar Studio [Official Site via Gizmodo]
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7 Responses to Refined sugar cereal lighting system is delicious

  1. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    Look out John. On boingboing they have tagged you “our John”.

  2. Beltane says:

    Would that qualify as surreal, serial cereal, then?

  3. Marilyn Terrell says:

    They also left out some of Strong Bad’s favorites, like Fruit Smax, Chocolate Breakfast Candy Bar Pops, Soundy Puffs, Blue Laser Blasts, and Sugar Rittled Gunshots, Hypothetic-Os, and Sugar Crunchy Cheat Commandos O’s Sugar Cereal:

  4. License Farm says:

    That’d be a great light fixture for someone’s breakfast nook. Someone, specifically, who is me.

    As long as we’re discussing fictional breakfast cereals, you ought to check out Kreepsville Industries’ Cereal Killers. It’s as though Elvira made Wacky Packages.

  5. Marilyn Terrell says:

    Ooh, I like those Cereal Killers! Cracked had some fun photoshopped cereal boxes last week but took them down (copyright infringement?). The only one I can remember was Honey Bunches of Hot Pockets.

    In a bizarre twist of marketing, John Belushi’s classic parody commercial for Little Chocolate Donuts (“The Donuts of Champions”) later apparently inspired an actual, non-ironic cereal, introduced by General Mills as Chocolate Donutz Cereal. You can see both commercials on Retroist:

  6. betatron says:

    Hah! I have two Quisp boxes i’ve been tryiing to decide what to do with — this is brilliant! next project: my mustard squeeze bottle bug lights.

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