The BalvenAmp: DIY single malt whiskey box speaker/amp

According to its maker, the BalvenAmp — a cheap amplifier and speaker made out of an old box of 12-year single malt Speyside — "there's a lot of low-end distortion, but at low volumes the treble is actually quite clear." On the bright side, though, after you've finished draining the bottle of Balvenie necessary to make the thing, you won't be able to process one half of the audible spectrum anyways.
The Balvenie DoubleWood packaging has pictures of the two casks the whisky is aged in; the volume pot is coming out of the whisky cask, the gain pot is coming out of the sherry cask, and the guitar cord plugs into the Balvenie seal in the middle.
The speaker replaces the lid on top. Big thumbs up: I could make thirteen of these just from the detritus strewn around my work desk. BalvenAmp [Flickr via MAKE]
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3 Responses to The BalvenAmp: DIY single malt whiskey box speaker/amp

  1. Anonymous says:

    that takes me some 17 odd years back when i was building similar amps out of Stolishnaya vodka cylinders, as a high school project…

    Might still have one of those lying around my basement…

    Cool stuff when you’re thirteen, not cool at all when you’re older than that…

  2. smadin says:

    Thanks for your input, Anonymous! Next time I’m worried about whether or not I’m cool, I’ll be sure to check with random people on the Internet.

    But just for future reference, you want to knock my work, I don’t much care; but equating single malt to cheap vodka? Them’s fightin’ words.

  3. dculberson says:

    I made some speakers out of small concrete form tubes years ago.. i faced one speaker away from each other on each side, wired out of phase. It sounded really cool, unfortunately I tossed them in a fit of pique about how much of a mess my workshop was.

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