The Mouse Phone is painted like Mickey's mutant brother (Update: it's not Mickey at all!)

There's some weird story of failed corporate dealings behind this tiny, two-inch Mouse phone. It has the shape of an official Mickey Mouse phone, but the face painted on the three interconnected ovals is not Mickey's... rather, it's some sort of bizarre, neotenous abstraction of rodentia. What's going on there? There's a small elbow which could be either a nose or mouth... but which? Are the diagonal slants epicanthic folds or solitary whiskers? And what about the round ovals at the top of the skull? Eyeballs or sunglasses? In fact, the face is so curious, so distinctly Chinese, so absolutely anti-Mickey that you'd think, at first, this phone must be a Chinese knock-off of a Mickey Mouse phone. But then you look inside, and there's the Disney logo, clear as day. That's not exactly the type of thing Disney's corporate attorneys are going to smile at, and it sends a mixed message: is the phone a Mickey phone or isn't it? My guess is a zero hour pull-out by Disney to produce Mickey-themed phones in cooperation with an overzealous Chinese company who quickly repainted their stock and sold them anyway. Either way, it's not a serious phone for adults, but seems squarely aimed at cute teenagers. The Mouse Phone sports a 1.3" LCD screen, has a 1.3MP camera nuzzled in one ear and even supports Bluetooth stereo output. They're rather pricy, though: one Mouse phone will cost $225, which is a lot for a crappy phone that doesn't really look like Mickey at all. The Mouse Phone [Gizmodiva] UPDATE: Ah ha! Our ingenious commenters have figured it out! This isn't a Mickey-shaped phone at all. Rather, it's shaped like Pucca, a popular Korean cartoon character that is distributed by Disney. That doesn't explain if it's a knock-off or an officially licensed product, but it does at least make any trademark theft going on here a lot less slapdash.
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6 Responses to The Mouse Phone is painted like Mickey's mutant brother (Update: it's not Mickey at all!)

  1. stumo says:

    Korean cartoon character, not Koran cartoon character. There’s a tiny but significant difference…

  2. Enochrewt says:

    I discovered this show by plugging my TV into the unactivated cable outlet. The only channel that showed up had a Pucca marathon on. I was entranced, it’s an amazingly animated cartoon, and hilarious to boot. I can’t recommend it enough. Since then I’ve searched out other episodes of it.

  3. Chris Furniss says:

    I don’t like to think of the lack of research in this article as indicative of the larger failings of blogging, but as a brilliant narrative in the style of a future archaeologist who discovers this object decades after its time, trying to figure out what it is and what it may do.


  4. wil9000 says:

    Don’t panic, dude. It’s just Pucca.

    The “mickey ears” are her hair. Do a google image search if you don’t believe me.


  5. Plainsong says:

    Man, that’s Pucca, a korean charater well known by teenagers (why do I know it? because is really damn popular here in Italy).
    Just google it and you’ll realize that those aren’t ears, that’s her haircut.
    The character has his own TV series that was relased in the US by Disney (I DID NOT know this, I swear, but Wikipedia knew).

  6. pantsravaganza says:

    Pucca is a she, and it is a fun and intelligent cartoon with fun characters and crazy background renderings or whatever they are called. It’s highly stylized Korean computer animation. The plot usually revolves around her chasing after a boy named Garu who is a ninja-trainee. Garu frequently slips from her grasp though, but she usually she beats people up and delivers noodles on her scooter in between chasing him around. It’s on the Jetix block of Disney cartoons. This and ren and stimpy (or the ripping friends) are/were the only animated shows I’ll watch (not that I’ve looked that hard for others).

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