Paper towel dispenser design

There's not much to this post on Core 77. Just some paper dispensers in a grid. Out of context, the industrial design choices become easier to recognize, the sticky emulsion of the original iMac seeping through the plastic molds of the entire Things industry. Paper towel dispenser designs [Core 77]
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5 Responses to Paper towel dispenser design

  1. Enochrewt says:

    This reminds me of a restroom supply catalog I used to get. One of the soap dispensers had a big star with “As seen in a major motion picture!” printed inside of it.

    I wish I could find a picture of it on the introwebz.

  2. Latente says:

    >original iMac seeping through


    1964 :P

  3. nnguyen says:

    the enMotion one (on far left) is installed in many government buildings, at least here in D.C and Maryland. NIH uses them almost exclusively. While the design is nice, it does little to spruce up the ho-hum gov’t bathrooms. However, it’s nice not to worry about the germs you could gather with those hand cranks on old fashioned dispensers.

  4. dculberson says:

    We have the Xcelerator hand dryers here:

    Chrome blobs!

  5. Joel Johnson says:

    @1 I don’t understand how those time-traveling Italian designers were able to tune in a vision of the iMac, but I’ll be reporting them directly to Il Stephano.

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