Turbografx emulator hits iPhone

In the England of 1987, the PC Engine, sold in the U.S. as the TurboGrafx, was a magical foreign super-console that wasn't coming to our shore. It was minuscule but unnervingly powerful, boasting the world's most perfect home rendition of Street Fighter (mysteriously renamed "Fighting Street") and a stack of ludicrous shoot-em-ups our NES-imprisoned minds could barely contain. Now, 20 years later, all that wonder fits inside an iPhone, thanks to the latest emulator to hit Apple town. ZODTTD [via Joystiq, TUAW and MacBytes]

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One Response to Turbografx emulator hits iPhone

  1. Doctor Popular says:

    I was really hoping they’d show Bonk, that game was gorgeous.

    It looks like the d-pad has been made larger than some of the other emulators, but there’s really no replacement for tactile controllers. The problem with most of these emulators is trying to hit the buttons without having to look at them. Side scrollers like Super Mario (and Bonk probably has the same issue) are a total nightmare when you have to perfectly nail a jump over a pit of death or whatever.

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