Wired Senior Editor Destroys Cheap, Nasty Phone By Accident on Live TV

Wired's Nick Thompson just destroyed a Razr live on NBC's Today Show. Right in the middle of a segment where he was demonstrating the iPhone and Moto Razr, the latter slipped like butter from his hands. It hit the floor with a sharp plastic clatter and was then seen to be completely buggered. So, folks, for Christ's sake buy a Razr: it's made of freakin' sugar. I think it was a Razr, anyway. Either way, Nick, you rule. And I wish I taped The Today Show. Since this post isn't even remotely funny without video, could someone who did oblige? Update: Gizmodo obliges. Unfortunately, the Razr lives, writes Thompson in a write-up at Wired's Gadget Lab.

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6 Responses to Wired Senior Editor Destroys Cheap, Nasty Phone By Accident on Live TV

  1. genericvox says:

    I own a Razr. I’ve been through plenty of phones, especially disappointing flip phones whose displays have been busted within months (or even weeks)…

    But the Razr is actually pretty durable. I’ve had it for a long while and in that time, I’ve dropped it on hardwood floors & concrete, thrown it across my bedroom, and accidentally yanked the charge cord out of it numerous times… but it still works fine. It’s also been submerged in water, and I’ve spilled drinks on it (I’m rough with phones).

    I haven’t had any problems that couldn’t be fixed by just turning it off and turning it back on, and the battery life is also decent.

    I’m satisfied, considering this is a cheapie phone.

  2. aileinduinn says:

    Despite my lack of love for Motorola, I have to admit I saw an astonishing feat of durability from a Razr phone.
    A friend of mine was staying at the resort that I used to manage, and he and his wife were swimming in their private pool when I stopped in to see how they were enjoying their stay. Said friend had set his Razr on the ground about an arm’s length from the pool coping. As we were talking a strong wind picked up a cast aluminum table by its attached umbrella, and deposited the edge of the suddenly perpendicular table top firmly on his phone. The phone was visibly bent, and the battery cover had to be hand-bent to get it to close but to this day (one year later) the phone still works. He did have to replace the battery about a week later because according to him “it was getting crazy hot”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous comment #1: the guy in the TechTV video looks like he’s got Parkinson’s disease. Not that funny.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nothing will ever beat the dropped edison recording cylinder on techtv from years back:


    One of the funniest things I ever saw on tv. EVER.

  5. Anonymous says:

    not sure if anyone realized this, but just the battery door came off. I’m sure most phones with a battery door would do the same. it’s not broken…

  6. arf_arf says:

    Funny that the RAZR could now be a “best cheap phone”. Remember when they cost $600 WITH a service agreement?

    Also: is RAZR nostalgia setting in?

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