68 pound limestone Egyptian case mod might give birth to Egyptpunk

Made from 68 pounds of hand-hewn limestone tiles out of which embedded clusters of turquoise, calcite, lapis lazuli, coral and cornelian granboblastically sparkle, Chris Kramer's EgyptMod PC might be the first foray into the nascent Egyptpunk DIY movement... which will start off with imaginative relics plucked from an alternate history in which the Egyptian empire never crumbled, but — by the time the New York Times starts writing about it — will be debased to the point of being tediously trawled out every time someone needs to describe a particularly disreputable looking camel. Egyptian Mod [Chris Kramer via Technabob]
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8 Responses to 68 pound limestone Egyptian case mod might give birth to Egyptpunk

  1. redsquares says:

    *Sandalpunk (It’s already named)

    Still, that’s pretty cool.

  2. Jake von Slatt says:

    Sorry John, Egyptian revival was a huge 19th Century fad, making this mod – you guessed it – Steampunk!

  3. Anonymous says:

    He should have put in a window showing a fake power source, in this case it could have been a ‘baghdad battery’.

  4. gATO says:

    Hmm… LicenseFarm, Sarcophopunk isn’t quite catchy, but, on the other hand, Sarcophunk has a nice ring to it; imagine, the sub-subculture where P-Funk meet the pharaohs, where Sun-Ra and Sly and the Family (lime)Stone reign supreme.

  5. License Farm says:

    Gato, that sounds like Sun Ra, maybe with some Nas thrown in for good measure. And I was going to suggest something riffing off of Bruce Sterling’s proposed successor to cyberpunk, ribofunk, but as it never quite caught on I didn’t think it fair game.

  6. License Farm says:

    Seeing as this modder has also made casemods in the Aztec, Art Nouveau and Art Deco aesthetics (plus one themed on Iron Man) there should be a more widely-encompassing term. Sarcophopunk? Anachromod? Silicoglyphic?

    One day someone will make a mod using the aesthetics of the Lascaux caves and our attempts to reconcile the two will create a localized wormhole.

  7. clueless in brooklyn says:

    Egyptpunk Not Dead.

  8. Enochrewt says:

    describe a particularly disreputable looking camel

    for the second time in two minutes I’ve spit diet soda on the screen thanks to BBG. Good show.

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