Flash for Diana+ vintage film camera

The plastic analog Diana+ camera is cute, so it stands to reason any accessories would continue the cheap, jet-age theme. The "Flash for Diana+" meets the challenge, turquoise housing and all. And even if you don't own one of the retro-reissue film cameras, the Flash includes an adapter so you can use place it incongruously atop a fancy, modern DSLR. It's $60, though — nearly as much as the Diana+. Worse, it's available (for now) only at Urban Outfitters, the hipster mall store that blithely steals from indie designers. I think I'll stick with my current plan: smudging up a cheap lens for my DSLR and then adding some blur and saturation effects in Photoshop. Catalog Page [UrbanOutfitters.com via GeekSugar]
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5 Responses to Flash for Diana+ vintage film camera

  1. jamietie says:

    You can buy a holga lens already adapted to Canon here: http://holgamods.com/ I have one and love it, though it is a special purpose lens, for sure. It can give a cool effect, though:

  2. Jenonymous says:

    WARNING: Lomo cameras are like crack. My brother got me the Diana F+ for Chanukkahmas. In the interim, I have spent a fortune on film and a Ringflash. I am almost tempted to get this special flash IF it has a hotshoe adapter that I can attach the Ringflash to. Oh, also just dropped $70 on infrared film; still need to spring for the special filter and the special adapter that I need to stick the special filter to the pain in the ass special threadless lens that the Diana has. Gotta say I love it though.

  3. Jenonymous says:

    Whoops. Meant to say that I got the Diana PLUS not the F+, which would come with the darn flash. Same difference. :)

  4. Zayfod says:

    Diana+ also available from the more reputable Lomography Store, although still for silly money I’ll admit.


  5. Fnarf says:

    Buy a real one on Ebay; don’t pay the silly money for a tarted up new one. They turn up constantly (or one of the many clones, made in the same molds; mine’s a “Raleigh”). And for chrissake don’t buy the stupid White Stripes one.

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