Frimonday Linkswap: RockPaperShotgun

Rock Paper Shotgun is the projection of a certain proud thread in the gaming weltanschauung: PCs, not consoles, rule. I'm not quite sure what projection, unfortunately. Definitely not standard-issue "fat Alaska" Mercator, that's for sure. Probably one of those weird conical or azimuthal or prototopological ones they use in specialist applications like tracking ICBMs, or plotting the spread of disease. Anyway, these guys know their sugar and don't care if you know it. Tilting At Publishers: Tilted Mill Go It Alone Tilted Mill is known for engaging people-em-ups like Children of the Nile, which take the classic city-builder genre and make it a little more abstract. Now it has its rights back, and will embark on a new life as a self-publishing development house–starting with a new version of their original hit. Planescape Landscapes Planescape: Torment is the best ever game to have had awful box art. But those who think the game itself is too old and ugly to be worth traipsing though are wrong. A gang of geniuses has hacked the Infinity Engine (the title's technological underpinnings) to render everything in glorious high-res. Writes Alec Meer: "It’s a mod that’s superficially a wholly aesthetic tweak, but in fact it changes the entire game to a fairly profound degree. ... Playing PST at 1680×1050 thanks to this mod ... I’m constantly struck by how beautiful it is." I know what you're thinking, and yes, it works on BG2! Street Fighter Epicamentness Winner of the Monday, June 2, 2008 award for blog-coined internet neologism (12 a.m.-1 a.m. category), John Walker's post takes us through yet more content from the forthcoming wonder that is HD Street Fighter IV for Windows: "In more relevant news: Street Fighter IV: pick an art style." I prefer the inky sketchbook style of the teaser over the shiny action figures from gameplay, but I'm sure one of the other fruits here at BBG will disagree. Travels Without A GeForce Want to read the inner quest of a man whose greatest existential pain rises, like a pixelated angel of despair, from the fact that one cannot adequately game on an actually-portable notebook? Yes, yes you do. How fast, exactly, does TF2 run on an Intel GMA chipset? A swooping 0 FPS.

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4 Responses to Frimonday Linkswap: RockPaperShotgun

  1. dculberson says:

    True… and I’m not dissing on PC gaming, it’s just for more involved rats than me. I’m a lazy rat, willing to push the buttons and levers, but not willing to replace the buttons and levers often enough to keep up any more.

    This darn PS3 is nice, but the games have the stupid “install” then “update” thing that is at least a small part of why I avoid PC gaming.

    Like Penny Arcade says:

    I usually just leave my laptop handy to browse while the game inst


  2. dculberson says:

    Gaming on the PC is for masochists.. That’s why console games account for about 4.2 billion in sales versus PC games at about 1.9 billion. I got tired of the upgrade treadmill and gave up on modern PC games. Just like many other gamers.

    Including piracy would make the actual games played on the PC higher, of course…

    • Joel Johnson says:

      @dculberson Most of the reported sales figures for PC games do not include subscription fees for MMOs nor digital downloads. Add in Wow alone and you’ve got a spare billion or so.

  3. mixolydian says:

    It took me three re-takes and two forays into wikipedia (mercator, Weltanschauung) to understand the first two paras.
    dude, your normally delightfully compact writing style has now done made me learn stuff….

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