GameBoy Color platform shoes

Reportedly popular amongst the tottering, wobbly-kneed girls of Japanese , this line of platform shoes feature GameBoy Colors embedded in the heel that can be quickly popped out for another run through Link's Awakening. Unfortunately, while these boots might be colorful enough for the fashionistas of Shibuya, Joel would insist on more rainbows and sparkles before deigning to ensconce his own dainty feet inside them. Gameboy Boots [Syberpunk]
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10 Responses to GameBoy Color platform shoes

  1. Santos says:

    What does the other shoe look like? Hm? If the gameboy is on the inside of the step – it won’t scratch that much.

    My Japanese nieces already feel as if they tower over the boys they like. They’ll give the the shoes a pass.

  2. ViolettVerq says:

    Oh, and I thought the stripper platform fishtank shoes were top-notch.

  3. Antinous says:

    These would be sweeter in orange, pink or green Lucite, although scratches would be a problem. They look pretty comfortable, though.

  4. videgamelover says:

    i love these shoes and my mom does too and we would like to buy them, where could we go to get them?

  5. pasq242 says:

    Old and fake; these are scans from a marketing campaign for Gameboy (lite? color?). I’ve got the glossies in a Nintendo Power somewhere.

  6. WordyGrrl says:

    Do they come in large sizes? Because the only people who’d wear these are likely to be drag queens. And they’d be sooo 80s Fabulous.

  7. Downpressor says:


    Best comment ever!

    But really folks, if you believe this one, I got some great investment opportunities in waterfront property for you. This is about as popular in Japan as Uncle Shecky’s Mustard Soda. Dont believe the hype.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Disco Stu has some gaming to do!

  9. Anonymous says:

    It would be better if it was wedged on the instep so you could play it on the train when you cross your legs. Of course the sukebe ojii-sans would take a look right up your skirt, but that’s the world of chikan Japan… where I’ve never seen these shoes in action.

  10. strider_mt2k says:

    In a drawer in my coffee table is a green GBC with a copy of Gauntlet II in it.

    My entire collection is in ROM form now, but these I’ve kept for love of the game and a soft spot for the platform.

    THESE platforms however (nice segue huh?) leave a bit or 8 to be desired.

    You’re gonna scratch up the screen.
    The rest of it? -built like tank, but you’re gonna scratch the screen. :)

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