Balanzza travel scale for frequent fliers

The new "Balanzza" travel scale is designed to assist travelers by making pre-flight weight checks less of an exercise in surprise. Even better, the press release for the $25 gadget included this handy chart. I updated the information for JetBlue and added Virgin America. If you've any additional airlines to add, I can easily punch them in. Product Page []
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  1. Bugs says:

    Actually, that’s one of those mindblowingly useful things that I’ve never realised I’m lacking.

    I tend to pack big toys when I go on holiday (power kites, SCUBA gear, hiking boots) so I’m always left trying to decide which way my bathroom scales’ calibration has drifted.

  2. Fnarf says:

    It would be funny if this thing weighed ten pounds.

  3. Enochrewt says:

    For Frontier Airlines:

    1st bag checked = free
    2nd bag checked = $25
    50-99 lbs = $75
    Over 62 linear inches (Height+Length+Depth)= $75

    Yes I know that stuff doesn’t fit in your chart right. Also, these prices are effective June 10th. Right now 2 bags can be checked for free. The weights and limitations are the same, except the fee is $50 instead of $75.

  4. Daniel Rutter says:

    Note that this is actually just a fishing scale – I’ve got one just like it. But it’s not overpriced, so what the heck.

    Fish scales quite nicely fill the gap between small things you need to weigh on a precision balance and big things you can just stick on the bathroom scales.

  5. jimdavis says:

    My usual way of traveling makes me uncomfortable because of so many things that i need to bring and I can’t decide very well on what to bring out of those many items. I would like to try your new Balanzza travel scale for frequent fliers product because I am sure that this item would be of great help to me. thanks!


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    Your life deserves a place like this.

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