Microwave oven PC case mod

This microwave case mod may not be ingenious — the PC guts are crammed inside, a small LCD is bolted to the inside of the door — but it's a fine medium of display for the endless looping of any "mewling baby on high" vid that might be found in the archives of the Stile Project. Crazy PC Case Mods [Hacked Gadgets]
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4 Responses to Microwave oven PC case mod

  1. Cupcake says:

    “…any “mewling baby on high” vid that might be found in the archives of the Stile Project.”

    Please tell me such a video does not exist.

  2. sandossu says:

    This has been initially taken from Devicedaily.com http://devicedaily.com/desktops/10-craziest-pc-case-mods.html

    Check out the link on hackedgadgets. And This website has got no credit.

  3. w000t says:

    I like it. Some ideas for a ver 2.0: cram the PC in the side where the cyclotron and the fans are, and use the center for storage. Also, the LCD could be replaced with a USB or serial controlled LCD so the display could be controlled. Buttons and/or dials hacked to control volume, power, reset, etc. Door sensor locks OS. Maybe I need to get an old microwave…

  4. License Farm says:

    I say make a mouse of a eggtimer and a keyboard out of a waffle iron. Maybe a printer fitted into a pasta maker and a scanner in a sink basin. Top it off with a hard drive in a toaster, a webcam in an ice cream scoop and a server in the dishwasher.

    Y’gotta theme these things.

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