Starwood's new "Aloft" hotels include HDTVs with gadget inputs

The Times has a small blip on Starwood's newest "Aloft" hotels which will be rolling out with lots of luxury features, including ones aimed at gadget users.
Each guest room will feature a plug-and-play station in the form of a flat-screen high-definition television. Guests will be able to plug multiple electronic devices – like iPods, mobile devices, cellphones and laptops – into the television to work on a larger screen or simply to charge their devices. Guests will also be able to select their rooms and print out boarding passes at kiosks in the lobby.
Starwood Starts a Chain for the Electronic Era [NYTimes]
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4 Responses to Starwood's new "Aloft" hotels include HDTVs with gadget inputs

  1. jimdavis says:

    I was so amazed when I hear that there are hotels who caters and offer this kind of packages like what the Starwood’s new “Aloft” hotels that include HDTVs with gadget inputs. I could never imagine how would it feel to be inside a room with all this kind of stuff that makes your stay enjoyable and elegant. Can you send me more information about this at my email address? thanks!!!!


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    Your life deserves a place like this.

  2. ivan256 says:

    Conspicuously lacking is likely a “video in” jack.

    You can play movies on your laptop, but if you want to watch them on a large screen, I’m sure they’ll force you to pay-per-use.

  3. Traveller says:

    I’ve stayed at this hotel. It’s nice, the rooms are furnished well, and I like the amenities.

    One thing troubles me however. The staff wears the most bland and boring uniforms.

    My question is, how can such a forward thinking hotel want to cater to a 30 somethings with technology yet still wear outfits that my mother wouldn’t even wear?

  4. styrofoam says:

    The Sheraton I’m staying in right now doesn’t look nearly as nice, but it does have a thin-client type PC in the room that has a web portal, links to the airlines, local restaurants, etc. It’s got a copy of Office for people that can’t be bothered to fire up their laptop, presumably- and want to work off their USB stick. You can print boarding passes and documents to the Lobby printer, presumably the cover sheet indicates which guest it needs to be held for.

    There’s also a nice panel at the desk that has inputs for the wall-mounted LCD such as video in, VGA in, ethernet, power, etc. Not sure if it has a USB connection to the TV.

    But it’s a nice touch to the workaday hotel room, and a well above the standard “three prong jack on the base of the lamp that’s situated so close to the vertical element of the lamp that you can’t actually plug anything into it” outlet.

    (I recall reading a story somewhere about a disgruntled hotelroom designer saying something to the effect of, “We spent the last 50 years trying to hide all the damn wires and outlets, now we’re having to go back and bring them all out into the open and still make it look good.”)

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