BBtv: Voice translator device tested by ignorant white doofus

Some of the phrases were really quite violent, commanding people to get on the ground and put their hands over their heads. The guy who sits outside the five-and-dime all day on a folding chair thought those were especially funny.
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4 Responses to BBtv: Voice translator device tested by ignorant white doofus

  1. craiig says:

    Well done.

    As a side note, as a fan of cigarettes, I particularly enjoyed how much Joel appears to chain smoke while doing these TV spots. Do you think we can just get a segment where Joel smokes and talks about whatever he feels like?

  2. satiredun says:

    I’m glad that it looks like an intercom at a McDonalds. It’s a great, portable way to see if Iraqis would like fries with their slaughter.

  3. klobouk says:

    Yeah, from the video the scripts seemed insufficiently customizable and overly hostile. Were there other phrases that could be used to de-escalate?

  4. caipirina says:

    lol … best part is the end when Joel gets it that his constant smoking might be bad for his health :) well done

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