Modern Mechanix Round-UP

Sorry for the recent hiatus folks. Today we’re back with a Modern Mechanix Mega Round-UP. Let’s start with the Computers section of the site. Recently we’ve looked at Byte magazine’s first reviews of the Apple IIe, Apple Lisa, a variety of early 80’s British computers and the original Compaq, which was the first PC clone. We learned that Compuserve once tried to trademark the word Email and that the catholic church invented modern database driven direct-mail fundraising. In aviation we learned all about atomic planes, Northrup's B-49 flying wing bomber, vacuum dirigibles, spinning wing airliners, and a miraculous flying machine powered by the physics defying "gyradoscope". On the plain old retrofuturism front we had a 1955 Mechanix Illustrated round-up of the Amazing Marvels of Tomorrow, Radio-Electronics magazine's 1967 House of Tomorrow, Popular Mechanics' 1939 Electric Home of the Future, some amazing 1931 movie miniatures portraying the cities of tomorrow, and what tomorrow's car will look like. We also learned how to make an inflatable dome from a kit, how a modern hotel is run, how the world will end, how daredevils make a living, if sharks really bite, and how fancy electronic signs are made.
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  1. Cnoocy says:

    Why are these titled “Round-UP” rather than “Round-Up” or “Round-up”? It’s a bit off-putting.

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