MST3K debates Macs versus PCs

Close to 17 years after the skit first appeared, Crow and Tom Servo's ideological bickering over the merits of Macs versus PCs remains the pattern template for the debate today, when it really should have been the last word on the subject.
Tom Servo: This is rich. "Bad command or file name." They expect you to be a machine to use this machine! Crow: I suppose you'd prefer a little animated clown who would juggle over to the little file cabinet and then wink at you and point to the right drawer.
Instead, Apple has spent years smugly re-enacting this skit as part of a corporate advertising campaign, while MST3K fans ironically echo the Mac vs. PC bickering with their own Joel vs. Mike inter-party feuding. Tom Servo and Crow's Mac/PC debate [YouTube]
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9 Responses to MST3K debates Macs versus PCs

  1. Gumby says:

    Hey Magic Whiskey, a search on YouTube tells me this is from episode #304, Gamera Vs. Barugon. I haven’t verified this; I don’t have these DVDs yet, but they are coming!

  2. the Other michael says:

    Wp51 for DOS — the last good word-processor!

  3. adodge says:

    I torrented the whole series, burned them to DVD, and then put it next to my VHS collection. Progress.

  4. csbmonkey says:

    As a long time smug Mac user and MST3K fan I demand that your statement be presented by a little clown dancing across the screen please.

    *heh* I use my now four year old dual processor G5 primarily for capturing MST3K off of VHS in iMovie and then use and old version of Toast to burn them to DVD for storage and viewing. I have 25 converted that have yet to be released on DVD, and steadily working through the rest based on what I like the most instead of through any special order. It’s great to go back and watch classics like Rocketship XM over and over again without being too concerned about ruining my tapes. I know that most of them have already been converted and can be found online, but that spoils the fun of watching them while I capture them and finding those jewels of bits in between the show itself like the bits they used to do for both CC and Scifi when they advertised the next week’s show.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    Ahh, Joel.

    You should never have escaped. :(

  6. Glossolalia Black says:

    Hah! I knew an Amiga guy. I think he ran Unix on it or something. He had a million point IQ and cats that pissed everywhere.

  7. magic whiskey says:

    God, I love this show. Made me the man I am today.

    With over 55 experiments on VHS and no working VCR at the moment, can someone tell me what movie this host segment is from? I’d really appreciate it, and oh…watch out for snakes.

    Please get back at me, whoever.

  8. License Farm says:

    I’ve got scads of eps on VHS, though the majority of them are Mike episodes. (And though they aren’t as great as the Joel eps, they are still by and far scores funnier than almost anything else on TV, then or since.) And as I keep saying, the MST3K model is one I wish would be more widely applied across mass media.

  9. eustace says:

    MST3K is an important part of this delicious, balanced meal.

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