A short preview of the upcoming Dell mini-notebook

APC got a brief hands-on with the upcoming mini-notebook from Dell, currently nicknamed the "Inspiron Mini". Here are the salient bits: • Ubuntu will probably be an option. (Perhaps the Netbook Remix?) • Launching in August, probably. • Late to market because they're "working on getting the right keyboard," something I agree is the heart-and-soul of a good notebook. • No dedicated function keys. (That's fine with me.) • Three USB ports, VGA output, memory card reader. Up close with Dell’s Eee PC killer [APCmag.com] PreviouslyRound up: Subnotebook madness!
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One Response to A short preview of the upcoming Dell mini-notebook

  1. OM says:

    …And as one who prefers Dell notebooks, but has fat fingers, I’ll obviously pass.

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