MSI to make Mobile Internet Device and skinnier Wind

It's simple, guys: UMPCs are tiny handheld computers with 5-7" screens that ostensibly may be put in a large pocket. Subnotebooks are larger machines with close-to-full-size QWERTY keyboards. There's overlap, sure but come now–it shouldn't be this difficult. But wait! Now there's the MID, or Mobile Internet Device, pitched as a sub-$500 consumer UMPC derivative, but now looking scarily like a PR stalking horse for the next generation of useless $1,500 handhelds. MSI, with its Wind, shows that it knows a thing or two about making little computers. We'll see what it's MID is like. From IDG:
Micro-Star International (MSI) is already planning a smaller, thinner version of its popular Wind mini-laptop aimed at business people, an official from the company said Thursday. The Taiwanese company is also planning a new mobile Internet device that's smaller than a mini-laptop. For its next generation Wind mini-laptop, MSI plans to reuse many of the same components as the original, including Intel's Atom microprocessor, a power-efficient chip designed for the new class of mini-laptop PCs and mobile Internet devices. So the focus this time is on design, and beefing up some functionality so the device appeals to businesses, said Andy Tung, sales director at MSI in the U.S.
Joel swoons at the simple prospect of a thinner Wind. I, however, must again close my tearful eyes and hope, beyond hope itself, that there will one day be a decent pocket-friendly QWERTY-toting computer. MSI Plans Next Wind Mini-laptop, Smaller Devices [Yahoo]

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2 Responses to MSI to make Mobile Internet Device and skinnier Wind

  1. Rob Beschizza says:

    Allow me to clarify: Popular in the same sense that Hillary Clinton had “momentum”

  2. Rajio says:

    “it’s popular wind” …. popular? really? the thing isnt even OUT yet!

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