Star Trek inches closer to reality with Albatron Mini-Tablet brings

A tiny, featherweight design makes Albatron's miniature tablet stand out–it's perfect for looking busy in your ready room to get away from that bearded lothario on the bridge. The compromise? It's running Windows CE at 800x480. An SD card slot, 128MB of flash, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and six-hour battery life round out 343 sleek grams. The PR cutie's apparel implies the chipmaker. But could anything useful be done with this slab? Question: how's CE's version of Internet Explorer these days? Still a rendering catasrophe? Source [Aving via Gizmodo]

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6 Responses to Star Trek inches closer to reality with Albatron Mini-Tablet brings

  1. Anonymous says:

    The girl looks prettier than the gadget!

  2. Dustin Driver says:

    “Bearded lothario!” HA!

    And again, HA!


  3. Nexy says:

    CE’s version of Internet Explorer? Why on Earth would you want to use IE? If Minimo doesn’t run on this thing, I doubt it will be long before it does. Opera is also a possibility. NetFront is supposed to be pretty good too, not that I’ve ever tried it.

    I don’t use IE on the desktop (if it can be avoided), I’m not likely to use it on a mobile platform either.

    This thing might well make an awesome movie player, comic book reader, remote control, internet tablet and thin terminal. Or it might suck. I can’t wait to find out!

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    It’s everything except what it was made to be: a GPS.

  5. devophill says:

    If it runs CDisplay, I can think of something to do with it. I just wanna know what it costs.

  6. w000t says:

    Albatron is itself such a funny company name. I can’t decide if I would rather make Rime of the Ancient Mariner jokes, or Jessica Alba robot jokes. Maybe if this could be hung ’round my neck…

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