Yahoo! mails out kegs of foul skunk beer to promote SearchMonkey

To promote their new SearchMonkey open search platform, Yahoo has been sending out "Happy Hour in a Box" kits... kits loaded with a mini-keg full of Heineken, a brew with all the flavor, bouquet and piquant aroma of a drunk Steve Ballmer holding you down and pissing into your mouth. Dear Yahoo: not that you sent us any Heineken — and God help you if you ever do — but for future reference, Boing Boing Gadgets can only be bribed with a cooler of tasty micro-brews or a case of single-malt scotch. Otherwise, we accept cash, credit and Substance D. Yahoo Celebrates SearchMonkey Launch By Shipping Out Boxes of Beer [Crunch Gear]
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9 Responses to Yahoo! mails out kegs of foul skunk beer to promote SearchMonkey

  1. technogeek says:

    If they’re operating on “any publicity is good as long as you spell our name right”, you played right into their hands…

  2. Enochrewt says:

    I can’t believe there’s no comments about “a drunk Steve Ballmer holding you down and pissing into your mouth.”

    I think the readers have gotten too serious for you guys, I LOLed.

  3. John Brownlee says:

    I’m just trying to get them to send me some micro-brew.

  4. markfrei says:

    Heineken? Heineken?
    Pabst Blue Ribbon!

  5. the name says:

    Hope you do get one. If you do, though, give it a shot. The keg means minimal light-to-beer contact i.e., the isohumulones in the hop acids don’t break down into 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol nearly as readily as they do in the green glass bottles.

    Cans/kegs: old timey beer gadgets that happen to make a huge difference in the beers they contain. Especially those horrifically packaged in clear or green bottles.

  6. chroma says:

    What address do we send free stuff to?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Heineken may taste like garbage water in the US, but it’s because the recipe is altered for export. Try the real Heineken in Amsterdam, it’s amazing!

  8. nigelstwin says:

    I’m with MarkFrei.
    Have them come up a few levels to PBR. If they’re feeling randy, microbrews are nice. I understand that there is plenty of good beer in England to choose from…

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